Freitag, 11. Oktober 2013

vol. 3 - news!

the time has come to release the fukkin 3rd part of the METAL PUNK UP YOUR ASS Compilation.
It's a long time ago wen I said i'm gonna release that shit!
I was just too lazy (sometimes) or too drunk (more often).
prepare yourself to get your brain blown out by hearing this Metal Punk Storm!

Samstag, 2. März 2013

vol. 3 - the final list

The 3rd part of the compilation will be released in March/April of 2013
IONAS VON ZEZSCHWITZ will prepare a kick ass artwork as well!

the final list:
- Ewig Frost
- Waffen
- Crepusculo Maldito
- Nightwolf
- Nucleaholic
- Toke De Keda
- Torturebitch
- Saccage
- Feto
- Flagelador
- The Unhaligäst
- Unbroken Bones
- Inner Rotten
- Scumcorpse
- Freedumb

Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013

IRON DOGS - Wrath Of The Barbarians

Now you get the chance to preorder your copy of the new shirt from the canadian heavy speed punks IRON DOGS.
The Shirts will be available in sizes: 

S / M / L / XL / XXL
Red & Black print on a white Fruit of the loom Valueweight-T shirt.

There also will be a limited edition of woven patches showing the same artwork. The patches are limited to 100 pieces.

Shirt = 8,00 EURO
Patch = 3,00 EURO
Shirt + Patch = 10,00 EURO